Date: 22/05/2024
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4 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance for your International Trip

You’ve been planning your international trip for what feels like forever - reading and researching, buying tickets and making reservations. You can’t wait to sink your toes into the sand on the beach in Mexico, or walk the cobblestone streets of Prague, or explore the ancient ruins of Tikal. Everything that can possibly be arranged has been arranged.

And yet, you - like many travelers across the globe - may, unfortunately, discover just how much is out of your control. An injury or medical emergency, political unrest abroad, stolen luggage - all of these and more may be poised to turn your carefully laid plans upside down. 

What can turn those plans right side up again? Travel insurance for your international trips. Without it, your trip-of-a-lifetime may be over for good. But with a good travel insurance policy in hand, your dreams won’t be at an end. Here are 4 of our top reasons to make sure you’re covered before you embark on an international trip.

1. Your costs upfront are generally higher when traveling internationally.

On average, international flights cost two and a half times as much as domestic flights. Visa fees and passport costs, international taxes and departure fees, meals, lodging and more all raise the price tag on your overseas adventure. With so much at stake and so much money out-of-pocket on the front end, it just makes sense to insure your international travel to prevent significant financial loss if you must change your plans.

2. Emergency medical care abroad can leave you with an exorbitant bill.

While on the trip of your dreams you may find yourself with a dental or medical emergency. Many standard health insurance plans won’t cover medical bills from another country. And if you are injured or contract an illness in an area that lacks sufficient care, you may find yourself in need of emergency medical evacuation to a local hospital or back home, a cost that can quickly climb. Travel insurance can cover these eventualities.

3. Terrorism or political unrest in your destination country can give you no choice but to cancel.

While it’s uncomfortable to dwell on this possibility, it is a powerful reality in today’s world. If you’ve been planning a trip to Egypt for years but then find yourself needing to cancel your plans just weeks before your departure date due to a terrorist attack, will you lose all non-refundable fees? Anti-government protests in many countries may cause you to rethink the wisdom of your travel plans. With coverage that includes comprehensive travel insurance and trip insurance protection, as well as 24 hour emergency assistive services, you can rest easy even if you’re planning on visiting a more volatile area of the world.

4. Lost luggage can take a long time to make its way to you overseas.

The dozen online packing lists you consulted and the time you took to thoughtfully prepare your suitcases don’t mean much if you arrive at your destination but your luggage does not. With most bags eventually finding their owners in 48 hours, you could be stuck for a few days without the necessities. Travel insurance can reimburse you for the essential clothing and other items you’ll need to purchase while waiting to be reunited with your bag.

Travel insurance will not necessarily be crucial for every trip you take. However, when you’re planning on traveling internationally, it’s important to give yourself the safety net that travel insurance can provide. We are more than happy to talk you through any questions or concerns you may have - please, get in touch today. Peace of mind for your dream trip abroad is just a call or click away!