Date: 22/05/2024
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Real Stories of When Travel Insurance Saved the Day


Travel Coverage Presents:
Real Stories of When Travel Insurance Saved the Day!

A lot of people don’t consider travel insurance when traveling these days. Getting online to check prices for hotels, flights and activities can leave you fearfully sneaking peeks of rates screen your fingers. Most think, “I’m only going to be gone for a few days and I don’t want to tack on more charges to my trip budget. I mean, what could happen? Any travel insurance company will tell you why securing travel insurance is the smart thing to do. In fact, despite the danger, nearly half of Americans say it will not affect their travel plans. Another study even shows that illness and natural disasters affect 1 in 6 traveling Americans. Despite this, travel insurance is still not something that many find necessary, despite its obvious benefits. We can tell you why you should get travel coverage until we are blue in the face, or we can tell you three unbelievable stories of when travel insurance truly saved the day. So, before you go buy plane tickets, take a moment to sit back and read today’s blog selection. It may make you think twice about booking hotels, flights or any recreational activities without making sure you and your loved ones are covered.

Relieved In Russia

According to the LA Times, a family who traveled to Russia developed a great success story for travel insurance. Bobby D. said, “My family and I were on a cruise to the Baltics when my brother-in-law had a heart attack in St. Petersburg, Russia, and passed away. I have always bought insurance for these trips for my family and myself. As they say, insurance could be the worst investment until you need it.

In my case, $50,000 later, the insurance company wanted all the receipts for hospital expenses, doctors and emergency personnel and new flight bookings, in addition to the information on the body being sent back to the States. I was thinking that the insurance company was going to do everything they could to get out of paying such an enormous bill, but to my surprise, it paid for everything but our hotel stay in St. Petersburg. If anyone asks me if travel insurance was worth it, I will tell them it surely was.” -Bobby D.



Stranded in Scotland

In another success story, Don L. talks about his experience in Scotland. “Several years ago my travel insurance agent gave me advice to keep a printout of documents, receipts and bills. I wrecked a rental car in Scotland, but I didn’t follow her advice and keep any of the documents. I spent an insane amount of time digging up required documentation that showed that the car had in fact been rented on the credit card, drivers insurance was purchased and I had the right to drive in that country. I also had to show proof of medical expenses I had incurred, police reports that were filed, and much more.

Travel insurance was the only thing that got me through it with just a few bruises on my patience and ego. My insurance agent was helpful and very patient with me even though a folder with printouts would have been a real time-saver for both of us. I am not sure what would have happened if I had not purchased travel insurance. You never think about what it would be like to get a ticket or get caught up in a legal system in another country where you don’t know the laws. You also might not think about how much you have to spend to stay longer than expected or the fees and fines you may have to pay. Travel insurance is worth it for that possibility alone, even if it’s just a fender bender.” -Don L. (Huntington Beach)





Misfortune in Mexico

In a recent article from Travel and Transport, a woman from Texas discussed a harrowing experience in travel that her father-in-law went through. She began, “My father-in-law traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with a group of friends for a week. When he arrived he and his friends headed to the beach. Within just a few short minutes, two strangers pulled him out of the ocean, he had drowned. He was brought back to life and was in the ICU in a coma at a hospital in Mexico. His friends explained, “It does not look good.” Our family went into overdrive. What do we do? Does his insurance cover international emergencies? The hospital had one doctor that ran the ICU and he was the only person that could communicate to us. The biggest question was how we would get him home. The only option was to Medevac him out at the cost of $27,000, paid up front. Unfortunately, a $150 travel insurance policy, had it been purchased, would have covered all of this. We finally got him home after several days. Sadly, he passed away three days later because it took us some time to find that kind of money and he wasn’t getting very good medical care. I wanted to share this story so that others realize that anything can happen to anyone while traveling. It happened to my family.” -Tara N. (Dallas)




So What Have We Learned From This?

Before you travel, always check your personal medical insurance. Do you have a plan in place if the unthinkable happens? Are you covered for the type of travel or the location you’re going to? Do your loved ones know your contingency plans? Do you or your family have passports, if you need to be somewhere quickly?

The real question is, and will always be, “Is travel insurance worth it?” One of our subjects never got to the point where he could unpack his bags and that is the truth of how fast something can happen. More often than not, things that go south, do so quickly... even if you’re headed North! If you think the process is stressful, remember that it is a lot less stressful than trying to make a claim without it. At Travel Coverage, we are here to walk you through the process and remove the stress from your shoulders. Stop wondering if travel insurance is worth it for you and secure it today before something tomorrow leaves you feeling ill-prepared. Visit us online at, follow us on social media or call us today at 615-986-0879.